Praesideo rendszer

  • Fully digital
  • High quality products
  • Fully supervised redundant system
  • Easy installation and maintenance
Praesideo - Digital Public Address and Emergency Sound System
  • Digitally networked system for Public Address and Voice Alarm
  • Up to 28 simultaneous dynamically assigned audio channels for calls and BGM
  • Flexible and scalable solution for medium to large systems
  • High reliability through supervision and backup functions
  • Public address and emergency sound system control unit
  • Control and routing of 28 simultaneous audio channels
  • Ethernet interface for configuration, control, diagnostics, and logging
  • Digital storage for pre‑recorded messages
  • EN 54‑16 and ISO 7240‑16 system certification
  • Web-based user interface
  • Can be accessed using a PC with browser
  • Different levels of access rights can be assigned
  • All system and unit parameters can be configured
  • Easy navigation
  • Dynamic HTML pages
  • Logging of call events, fault events and general events
  • On-line logging function
  • View history
  • Events can be sorted
  • Password-protected
  • PC application
  • Supplied together with the network controller
  • Creation of message sets
  • Off-line configuration
PRS-SWCS számítógépes bemondáskiszolgáló és PRS-SWCSL számítógépes bemondáskiszolgáló NCO kliens
  • Serves multiple Call Station Clients and/or Telephone Interface Clients
  • Controls multiple Network Controllers in extended systems
  • Includes a license for a single Network Controller
  • Controls user access with selectable rights per user
PRS-CSC számítógépes bemondóállomás kliens
  • PC interface for operators with synoptic view of zone locations in tabbed windows
  • Configurable access for different users
  • Call and BGM control
  • Support for multiple network controllers as one system
PRS-TIC számítógépes telefon interfész kliens
  • PC interface software for making calls via telephone into a Praesideo system
  • Direct support of VoIP telephones and support of POTS telephones via external interface (not included)
  • Configurable access options per user
  • Calls are recorded before playback
  • Support for multiple network controllers as one system
PRS-xPxxx és LBB 4428/00 teljesítményerősítők
  • 1, 2, 4, or 8 audio outputs (selection from 100 / 70 / 50 V outputs)
  • Audio processing and delay for each amplifier channel
  • Amplifier supervision and spare amplifier switching
  • Loudspeaker line and loudspeaker supervision (LBB 4428/00 only line supervision)
  • Eight control inputs and 1, 2, 4 or 8 control outputs
  • Supervision of line attached to control inputs
  • Automatic volume control
  • Two audio inputs (four audio inputs for LBB 4428/00)
  • Redundant network connection
PRS-xBxxx alap erősítők
  • High efficiency class-D amplifier channel(s)
  • Switched mode power supply
  • Local audio inputs
  • Mains and battery operation
  • Complete supervision
  • Interface to Praesideo basic amplifiers
  • Up to 16 audio channels
  • Redundant fiber optic network connection
  • Control input and output connections
  • Complete supervision
  • Redundant network connection
  • Power ‘ON’ indication
  • Status/fault indications
  • Indication that the priority level of destinations is higher than that of the pending announcement
  • Supervision of microphone capsule
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Eight freely programmable selection keys
  • Serial data and power interface to call station basic
  • Up to 16 keypads can be connected to one call station basic
  • Activation indicator for each key
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Numeric keypad for zone selection and user access
  • Serial data and power interface to call‑station basic
  • Can be combined with normal call‑station keypads
  • LCD for user feedback
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Redundant network connection
  • Connections for status LEDs
  • Connection for microphone and loudspeaker
  • Connection for keypads
  • Stable metal enclosure
  • Eight programmable control inputs linked to 16 outputs
  • Two serial interfaces to call stations or other keypads
  • Up to 16 keypads can be connected to one call station
  • Connects a remote call station to the Praesideo network via CAT‑5 cable (up to 1 km)
  • Powered by the Praesideo network and/or local power supply
  • Two supervised control inputs
  • Built‑in DSP for audio processing functions
  • Complete supervision of the unit
  • Connects to call station interface via CAT-5 cable
  • Up to 1 km from Praesideo optical network
  • Uses standard Praesideo keypads for extension
  • Built-in limiter
  • Powered via CAT-5 and/or local power supply
  • Complete supervision
  • Records calls for automatic playback to previously occupied zones (call stacker)
  • Acoustic feedback suppression by recording a call with delayed broadcast (time shifter)
  • Possibility to monitor a call before broadcasting
  • Records and/or plays back up to eight calls simultaneously
  • Stores up to 16 calls
  • Connects directly to Praesideo network
  • Connects to call station interface via CAT‑5 cable
  • Up to 1 km from Praesideo optical network
  • Connection for keypads
  • Connection for transducers and status LEDs
  • Stable metal enclosure
  • All‑in‑one solution for audio transport on IP‑networks
  • Supervised control inputs and outputs
  • Supports re‑broadcasting
  • EN 54‑16 compliant IP solution
  • Configurable as SIP telephone interface (optional)
  • Four audio inputs – two selectable mic/line and two line inputs
  • Four line audio outputs
  • Eight supervised control inputs and five control outputs
  • Audio processing functions
  • Redundant network connection
  • Headphone connection and VU meter for audio monitoring
LBB 4404/00 CobraNet interfész
  • Four CobraNetTM audio inputs
  • Four CobraNetTM audio outputs
  • Eight supervised control inputs and five control outputs
  • Redundant Praesideo network connection
  • Redundant CobraNetTM network connection
  • Headphone connection and VU-meter for audio monitoring
  • Four OMNEO or Dante™ audio inputs and outputs
  • Eight supervised control inputs and five control outputs
  • Redundant optical network connection
  • Redundant OMNEO network connection
  • Headphone connection and VU‑meter for audio monitoring
BVMS Professional 5.0
  • Ability to receive and process alarms and triggers from BIS or its connected subsystems to create announcements via the Praesideo Public Address system
  • Manual broadcast control of live announcements or pre‑recorded messages directly from BIS location or device overviews
  • Automatic or manual display of Praesideo hardware status (e.g. zone status or fault events)
  • Control of Praesideo background music from within BIS