PVA-4CR12 Vezérlő
  • Low power consumption in standby mode
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Excellent sound quality > 106 dB s/n ratio
  • Up to 85 minutes internal digital message storage
  • Up to four decentralized controllers using the OM-1 interface
PVA-4R24 Router
  • Routing up to 24 zones from 2-500 Watt
  • Low power consumption in standby mode
  • Extreme flexibility
PVA-2P500 Teljesítményerősítő, 2x500W
  • 2 ✕ 500 Watt class D amplifier
  • Low power consumption in standby mode (3 Watt)
  • Local input per channel
  • Excellent sound quality > 104 dB s/n ratio
OM-1 Csatoló modul
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface - 1000 Mbit/s full-duplex Ethernet Interface, IEEE 802.3u compatible
  • Secondary Gigabit Ethernet Interface - Second Ethernet Interface for the connection of a redundant network to establish fault-tolerant systems
  • Status LEDs - Link, Activity and Gigabit active status indication for each Ethernet interface
PVA-15CST Bemondópult
  • Announcement LED indication on microphone cap
  • 15 free‑programmable function keys
  • Integrated numeric keypad
  • Soft touch selection buttons
PVA-20CSE Bemondópult-bővítő
  • 20 free programmable function keys
  • Soft touch selection buttons
PVA-CSK Bemondópult készlet
  • Connectors for 15 free programmable function keys
  • Connectors for 3 alarm buttons or key switches
  • Connectors for microphone (integrated pre-amplifier with compressor/limiter)
  • Connector for loudspeaker
  • Extensive monitoring functions
PVA-1WEOL Vonallezáró ellenőrzőmodul
  • Compatible with 100 V, 70 V, or 50 V loudspeaker lines
  • Module is powered via loudspeaker line (pilot tone)
  • A single loudspeaker line can have multiple modules
  • Up to 60 modules can be connected to one amplifier output channel
PVA-1EB Bemondópult vészhelyzetjelző gombja
  • Transparent cover - reliable method of preventing accidental actuation
  • Installed LED - optical visualization with maximum efficiency and operational reliability
  • Internal monitoring - the feed line is monitored for short-circuits and interruptions
PVA-1KS Bemondópult kulcskapcsolója
  • EN 54-16 compliant
  • Prevents unauthorized use of Call station
  • Supervised
PLN-1EOL Vonallezáró ellenőrzőkártya
  • Pilot tone detection on 100 V loudspeaker lines
  • Voltage free switch 200 V 1 A and LED indications of pilot tone
  • Daisy chainable for monitoring multiple zones on a single input contact
  • Fits on built-in mounts on selected Bosch loudspeakers
  • EN 54‑16 certified
PLN-24CH12 24 V-os és PRS-48CH12 48 V-os akkumulátortöltők
  • 12 A battery charger
  • 6x 40 A, 3x 5 A outputs
  • 150 A back‑up current
  • Fully supervised, EN 54‑4 certified
  • Under‑voltage and over‑voltage protection
PAR-6STR12 Standard rack 6 zones
  • Preconfigured, wired rack‑built PAVIRO system for compliance with EN54‑16
  • Robust IP30 rated cabinet
  • Total of 6AB (or 12 single) zones for speech, voice alarm and background music, 500W / 12 HP lines
  • Built-in emergency backup power in case of mains power failure
  • Supplied with preconfigured emergency call station